The 1937 German-American Musicians Association Member List

According to The Buffalo Musician Directory, 1937

The earliest record of members of the German American Musicians Association to be found was a directory, believed to be the first published by the Association, in 1937. They were:


Gene Caradori, Alfred Feustel, Tony Huber, John Raszeja (also Piano), Karl Steit (also piano & trumpet), Edwin Zeitler (also trumpet), Charles Mongiori and Herman Hermansdoerfer.


Louis Beer (Also Sax), Jow Dering (also sax), Carl Fassel, Herold Hehr (also sax), William Heissenberger (also oboe and piano), Max Mayer (also Cymbal-drums and violin), Edward Mertel (also sax), Joseph Pendolina (also sax), Alfred Redenbach, Hans Schwindler (also sax), Stanley Wesolowski (also sax), Alcio Falcione (also sax), and Joseph Verso (also sax).

Cymbal / Drums

Ben Kosmin, Thomas Greiner (also sax), Joseph Maurer, Lester Metzinger, Sam Durfey, John Martino, M. Runfola (also alto horn) and Patty Picerno.


Willey Lewenicht


Irving Lewenicht


Aug. Riehs (also zither), Tomczak (no first name listed) and Angie Faso.

Bass Guitar

Ernst Hoelperl

Tenor Horn

Otto Hoebel and Frederich Steinhilben.

Baritone Horn

Vincent Zarbo


Henry Hoffmeister (also piano) and Frank Martinez (piano)


Arthur Isaby


Peter Dinst, Edward Hoderty, David Newler (also string bass), Joseph Messner (also zither and violin), Frank Winkler (also trombone), David McGill, Frank Hopkins and George Schneider.


Ed Raszeja (also violin), Albert Schmitt (also trumpet), Thomas Lengyel and DOnald Habicht.

String Bass

George Castle, John Melzinger, George Troidl and Wallace Cole.


Thomas Giangreco (also trumpet), John Thurn and Frank Beiger.


Adolph Christoffel, Mike Heinrich, Herman Kleinhans, Phil Limina, Frank Radl, Frank Schwindler, Fridolin Wendel, John Strianese and Gene Fillinger.


Henry Sommer.


Kurt Wissing, George Finsel, William Grzella, Rudolf Hartman, Aug. Heissenberger, Fred Hoefler, Fred Keis, Alphonse Schneider, Henry Sommer and Franz von Werssowetz.